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I'm in New Zealand! (Fall 2017)

After having finished my work in South Korea, I started a new job in Wellington, New Zealand.  The landscape is simply stunning everywhere you look.  Having lived all over the world, I can say that this is the most gorgeous country that I have ever seen.  

Have a look at my "road-side" snapshots taken on my first few days of arriving in Wellington. The country is separated into two islands: the north island, and the south island.  These pictures currently represent scenery in the north island... with many of them taken just 10 minutes from my office at work! 

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Nightscape Gallery!  (Summer 2017)

Enjoy my latest photos featuring the night sky...  Using long exposure and creative lighting, I captured these starscapes in the summer of 2017 while searching for the darkest skies in Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois.

These still photos are actually only a teaser of sorts!  Each image in this gallery  is actually part of moving sequences that show the stunning movement of the stars and clouds throughout the night.

Stay tuned for my summer video project which is a sort of visual documentary called "Bridge of Stars" featuring these nightscapes.



About Little Glass Cube

Dive into the underwater world of this tiny planted aquarium.... I love aquariums - more specifically, planted aquariums - and this short video showcases a 10 inch rimless cube with a stunning array of plants and mosses.  These small "nano" aquariums are much more difficult to cultivate and maintain than a traditionally larger aquarium where the water column is more stable due to its greater volume.  With a nano aquarium such as seen in this video, there is no room for mistakes or mis-management of the tank.  

This video serves as a memoir which was shot on my iPhone right before I had to tear it down when I was moving to Seoul, Korea. 

If you have an interest in planted aquariums, seek out Nature Aquariums with a quick web search and there will be no shortage of stunning aquariums to be amazed at.



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